Personal Injury

Certain Injuries May be covered 100%. Personal injury describes any bodily injury caused in an accident, other than one that is work related. Personal injury includes slip and fall, whiplash, and back injuries. A sudden accident, no matter how trivial, can cause future chronic pain that will slowly erode your quality of life. These injuries are best treated by a chiropractor as the symptoms many times develop slowly over time. Chiropractic medicine is skilled at assessing injuries before they develop into full-blown symptoms. The treatment includes adjustments of the neck and spine, and massage treatments that realign the body before swelling and pain become severe enough to limit your daily activities.

If you have had a personal injury, your general physician will do a superficial exam, prescribe some Motrin and send you on your away. The chiropractor on the other hand, will take a series of X rays and conduct a complete physical exam to determine what parts of your body may be out of alignment, and harboring an injury that has not yet presented itself.

If left untreated, these types of injuries can show themselves weeks or months down the road. Once the injury gains hold of your body, it can persist for months or even years. The medical approach is to take a wait and see approach, combined with anti-inflammatory medicine. Chiropractic medicine offers what traditional medical treatment does not, a proactive approach to injuries. Chiropractic treatment includes adjustments, massage, and ultrasound therapy. If you have been injured, get yourself assessed by a chiropractor today.

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