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Dr. Victor Guerra

I'm Dr. Victor Guerra and I'm a native of San Antonio and went to high school at Robert E. Lee and Central Catholic. Later I attended UT in Austin and Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia. I have over 20 years experience practicing in New Mexico for 15 years and North Carolina for 5 years. I also taught adjusting technique and was clinic faculty at my Alma Mater for 3 years in the mid 90's. This might not mean anything to most people but to those of you that have been under chiropractic care and have knowledge of our profession I am proficient in the following techniques: Cox Flexion/Distraction, Gonstead, Diversified, S.O.T., Activator and Thompson. There is info in this website about some of these.

A few years ago I came back to my hometown to be near my family. I decided to open an office here that would be dedicated to quality attentive and individualized treatment. Sort of like the Golden Rule concept. I treat you the way I would like to be treated at a chiropractic office. I don't put everyone on the same treatment plan. Your problem may require many visits or my be able to be corrected by just a couple of adjustments. When I used to take my mother to a doctor I remember she used to ask that doctor "Doctor is this the treatment you would recommend if it was YOUR mother?" So I try to remember that and take that philosophy into my practice.

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